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Blood on Gold
By Simon Beckham

"Challenging, inspirational and entertaining".

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Length: 40 Minutes
Cast: 4 roles all interchangeable between male and female actors.
Genre: Drama / Comedy
Audience: Teens and adults

About the Play: Tobi comes home to find a mad woman has moved into her apartment and is cooking her cat! This powerful drama, infused with comic moments, examines Tobi's attitude towards the "less fortunate" in society and how far she'll have to go to stay true to her faith. Blood on Gold is a deeply moving play, well suited to touring, and recommended for theatre based ministry to youth and adult audiences alike.


1.Tobi Christian, either sex, in 20's or 30's.
2.Eddie An eccentric person, either sex, any adult age.
3.Jerry Tobi's cousin, similar age, either sex.
4.Sam Internal Security Officer, either sex.

Set: The play is set in the living room of Tobi's apartment. The apartment is in a big high rise. The nation is a fictitious European-type nation.

Time: Now. 

This is an ideal play for challenging Christians to question the deapth of their committment to their Lord. The play is equally challenging for the non-churched to consider the implications of a humanistic world view. The play has been toured with great success and is ideal for touring ministry groups.

About the Playwright: Simon Beckham is a writer with an ear for great dialog and comedy. His plays are a mix of outrageous comedy and strong dramatic themes and are always a big hit with audiences.

About Royalties: The price of the script includes a performance licence to a non paying audience and the right to make copies of the play for your cast. This represents great value for money!
If an audience is charged admission to the performance then a further royalty calculated at 10% of the gross box office sales is required to be paid. See our "Royalties" page for details on this..

Following are sample scenes from the play...

(c) 1999 By Simon Beckham

Do not perform, copy or distribute without prior permission

Act One:  Scene One

Eddie enters from the kitchen with a bowl of cat food. It's that hard dry crunchy kind of stuff. She is eating from the bowl and humming to herself. On the bowl is the name Hazel. She picks up the camera and takes some photos of herself doing poses. One of the photos is used later on in the play for her fake ID papers. Eddie exits to bedroom. 

Tobi enters with bags of groceries, puts them on the table and flops down onto a chair.  She opens a bag of chips and eats them.  She does not see Eddie.

Tobi (Calling out to cat) Hazel, I'm home. Insane, absolutely insane. The crowds.  (Shakes her head)

Eddie enters from the bedroom, starts rummaging through the shopping bags and takes them into the kitchen.

Tobi Leave that alone, Hazel. Come and give us a kiss. I mean people everywhere.  Every aisle packed with carts. Pushing and shoving, "Excuse me." "Sorry." "Excuse me." "No, that's my cart, sir." "Yes sir, I'm sure." "No sir, that would be yours over there."  "Yes, I'm quite sure it's mine." "It's mine, OK!" "Sorry, sir." "See, this is yours because it's got shaving cream in it, and this is mine because it's got these in it."  "No you don't need these, do you sir?. "That's OK, sir." ... and the checkouts...

Eddie's rummaging can be heard from the kitchen.

Tobi (More strict) Come out of there, Hazel. (Affectionately) Come and give me a kiss.  The check outs, for the love of Pete they were unbelievable, I mean people  everywhere. Like cattle being herded through stock gates, half expected there to be  a man with a branding iron at the automatic doors. "Thank you for shopping, bend  over please" (Miming branding iron) "Psssssst!" "Thank you for shopping, Psssst.  Thank you for shopping, bend over please, Psssst!"

Eddie's rummaging can again be heard.

Tobi (Loudly) For the last time get away from there. (More affectionately) Come here and  give me a kiss. 

Eddie enters from the kitchen, walks over to Tobi, and kisses her on the top of the head. Tobi freezes, terrified that there is someone else there. Eddie starts eating the chips. Tobi slowly looks around. Eddie stops and looks at Tobi.

Eddie Hello.

Tobi (In a fluster) Who are you? What are you doing with my groceries? How did you get  in here? How long have you been here? What's going on here?

Eddie (Pointing to herself) Eddie, (Pointing to bags) looking, (Pointing to door) door,  (Pointing to watch) hour, (Shrugs shoulders) hungry.

Tobi (Pointing to watch) That's mine! Give it back. Come on!

Eddie takes the watch off and gives it to Tobi. Tobi takes the watch and isn't sure what to do. Eddie goes back to eating the chips.

Tobi Leave that! Just leave it alone, that's mine, OK? Leave it! (Calming herself) Who  are you?

Eddie Eddie.

Tobi But who are you?

Eddie (Confused) Eddie?

Tobi Yes but, (Realizing she's not getting anywhere) never mind... what are you doing in  my house? 

Eddie shrugs her shoulders.

Tobi Did I leave the door unlocked?

Eddie nods her head.

Tobi You can't just go walking into other people's houses. (Pointing to the door) Go.

Eddie Where?

Tobi I don't care, no I do care, it's a photo finish but I do, just. Go home.

Eddie Home?

Tobi Yes, go home. But empty your pockets first.

Eddie empties her pockets onto the table. There is an amazing assortment of things. Tobi watches checking that nothing is hers.

Tobi Just the watch was it? That's all you took?

Eddie And soap. (Holds up a new cake of soap)

Tobi (Seeing the state Eddie is in) You can have that.

Eddie is about to take a bite of it.

Tobi Hey! Don't eat it. Look, I'll get you something to eat and then go, OK? 

Eddie nods, there is a pause as Tobi goes to the kitchen door.

Eddie Where?

Tobi (Entering the kitchen) I don't know, home. Hey are you cooking? What is it?

Eddie Teriyaki.

Tobi  Beef? Is it beef? Did you bring it or was it mine? Nah, I didn't have any, must've  been yours.  (Tobi screams and runs out with a cat skinned and pinned out on  the chopping board with a fork on each corner. She is angry, very angry.) What's  this?!  What is this?! Tell me!

Eddie Hazel?

Tobi (Calmly) Yes, it is Hazel. (Shouting) IT IS HAZEL! This is Hazel! Hazel! (Calmly) Do  you know what Hazel is, (Correcting herself) was?

Eddie Cat?

Tobi That's right, a cat. But not just any old cat. Hazel is, "was" sorry, (Shouting) MY  CAT! (Suddenly realising) And that beef marinating in the kitchen isn't beef is it,  what's your name?

Eddie Eddie.

Tobi Eddie. Is it?

Eddie shakes her head.

Tobi That beef is actually a cat, isn't it? My cat and it's in my soy sauce, mixed, and I'm  just guessing here, with my ginger and my sugar.

Eddie Brown sugar.

Tobi I don't care what sugar it is, EDDIE, the point is I've just come home from the  supermarket to have some wacko kiss me on the head while wearing my watch and  (Shouting) cooking my cat! (Forcing herself to be calm) How did you do it? How did  you butcher Hazel? No, don't tell me, I don't want to know. And this skin, donated  kindly by my cat Hazel, what were you planning on doing with it? Huh?

Eddie Slippers.

Tobi Slippers?  (Head in her hands) I don't believe this. I can't believe this. You. Sit in  that chair and don't move. I'm calling the police.

Eddie (Quietly) Don't please.

Tobi What-

Eddie Please, don't.

Tobi Why not? You don't think I'm over reacting do you? I mean this is only breaking and  entering, burglary and cat homicide! Hazel. Sit there and don't move, I'm warning  you.

Eddie Please, please I can't go back there.

Tobi Where? 

Eddie There.

Tobi Go back where?

Eddie Please.

Tobi You can't go home?

Eddie Yes, I want to go home.

Tobi (Confused) You do want to go home? Then go!

Eddie It's not mine.

Tobi Your home is not yours? You live with someone else?

Eddie It used to be mine. Please don't make me go.

Tobi This is really confusing. Sit down. Don't move. (Picks up the phone)

Eddie (Quietly) They'll kill me.

Tobi What?

Eddie They will. Please don't.

Tobi (Puts down the phone) Take it easy, no one's going to kill you, Eddie.

Eddie Sophie's dead.

Tobi Who?

Eddie They killed her and she didn't get this far. I know they did, we didn't see it but they  took her away. He had her ring. (Pointing to her little finger) Please don't call the  police. I'm begging you. I can't go back there. They'll kill me. Just like Sophie.

Tobi Look, you're a little bit confused, why don't I just call someone who can help you.  Help you, OK? They won't hurt you, no one's going to hurt you. They'll help. OK?

Eddie No, they'll kill me.

Tobi Why would they kill you?

Eddie Because I escaped. That's what happens when you try to escape. They said no one  can leave, it's bad to leave. Sophie tried and he wears her ring. 

Tobi Where have you "escaped" from? It's a hospital isn't it? Brackensdown? No that's  closed, that new one out over the hill.

Eddie gathers her assortment of items off the table and tries to leave.

Eddie Please let me go.

Tobi Where are you going to go? Do you have family?

Eddie Just let me go.

Tobi You don't have anywhere to go do you?

Eddie shakes her head.

Tobi I'm probably going to regret this, but you can stay here tonight.  There's a spare  room through there. But I'm going to lock your door and the window, OK? And then in the morning I'm going to... yeah, um, well, I don't know what I'm going to do. Something, I'm going to do something.

Eddie I know I can trust you Tobi. I knew this was the right place.

Tobi Don't get your hopes up. (Showing her off stage) Here, it's through there and I'm  taking the goldfish out. Can't imagine what you'd do to them. That's my room next door, if you've got to go the toilet knock on the wall. But don't bug me unless you have to. Come on. (They exit and Tobi appears with the goldfish bowl. To the goldfish...) What am I doing? (On seeing Hazel's fur, she looks towards the kitchen and sighs, depressed.) Oh Hazel. (Shakes her head and goes to the kitchen)

(Eddie knocks on the wall)

Tobi I can't hear you!

 ... the play continues...

(c) 1999 By Simon Beckham

Do not perform, copy or distribute without prior permission