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The Kings Scars
By Simon Beckham

"Highly entertaining Gospel allegory with a medieval theme".

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Length: 30 Minutes
Cast: 1female and 2 male, or 3 male (Any age).
Genre: Comedy
Audience: Children and families

About the Play: Audiences are enthralled by this highly entertaining Gospel allegory with a medieval theme. The court jester is intrigued by the mystery of the King's scars. The Black Knight doesn't believe the King is worthy of his position until he and the jester discover the secret of the Kings scars.


1.Trinculo (can be played by a male or female)     
2.Black Knight (male)                 
3.The King (male)
 This is an ideal play for communicating the Gospel to children. The play has been toured with great success and is ideal for touring ministry groups.

About the Playwright: Simon Beckham is a writer with an ear for great dialog and comedy. His plays are a mix of outrageous comedy and strong dramatic themes and are always a big hit with audiences.

About Royalties: The price of the script includes a performance licence to a non paying audience and the right to make copies of the play for your cast. This represents great value for money!
If an audience is charged admission to the performance then a further royalty calculated at 10% of the gross box office sales is required to be paid. See our "Royalties" page for details on this..

Following are sample scenes from the play...

(c) 1999 By Simon Beckham

Do not perform, copy or distribute without prior permission

Scene 1

King and Black Knight enter and take up tableaux positions in the throne room. Jester enters, and talks to the audience...

Jester: Hi, I'm Trinculo, I'm a jester. Do you know what a jester is? A jester is a special clown who works for the King. My job is to make the King laugh and be happy. I think it's the greatest job in the world!

Enough about me... I've got a story to tell you. It's a great story, there's a real good Good Guy and real bad Bad Guy. There's chases and songs and jokes and a brave hero and... well why don't I show you instead of telling you? Would you like to meet the other characters in the story? OK here we go... this is the King, he's a great guy... and he's my boss. But there is something I really want to know about the King, it's his secret. Do you want to know what his secret is? OK then, see his hands here? Look at those scars; the secret is how he got those scars. No one knows. Well that's the king, would you like to meet this guy? OK then. Here he is! Oooohh doesn't he look mean? He's one of the Kings special guards, a real tough guy... but I think he's... well you find out about him some more later. So that's the other characters, it's time for my story to (He is interrupted as the King and Black Knight come alive and the King rings his bell) start! That's the kings bell I'd better get ready! (Runs off stage)

Scene 2 - In the throne room.

The King is in the throne room with Black Knight at his side.

King: Trinculo! (Rings bell). Where is that jester?

Trinculo: (Entering and bowing) My Lord, here I am, ready to serve thee.

King: Thank you Trinculo, what do you have for me today?

Trinculo: Today my Lord I have a special treat, (to audience) you'll like this too, it is (give the name for your trick here) ________  . (He bows to the King, the King gestures for him to start). Sire, or this I need a volunteer (gets takes The Black Knight and shoves him into position and performs the trick using the reluctant Black Knight).

King: (Clapping and laughing at the end of the mime) Trinculo, that was marvelous! Here (throws him a bag of jewels) take this in appreciation, you have done very well.

Trinculo: Well I thought if I did another knock knock joke you'd send me to the dungeon. Although here's one I haven't told you yet...

King: Please Trinculo no...

Trinculo: Come on, your majesty, you'll love it just like the others.

King: But Trinculo I didn't like/

Trinculo: Here we go. Knock! Knock!

King: all right then, who's there?

Trinculo: Isabelle

King: Isabelle who?

Trinculo: Is a bell necessary on a bicycle!

King: What's a bicycle?

Trinculo: You know a "bicycle"... (then to audience) oopps they haven't been invented yet. Don't worry your majesty, it was a bad joke... (King looks at Trinculo) really bad.

Black Knight: Shall I's cut off his head your majesty?

King: No!

Black Knight: Hows about 'is toes?

King: No.

Black Knight: Throws him in the dungeon to rot?

King: No! (to Trinculo) You can teach me to juggle.

Trinculo and Black Knight: Juggle?

Black Knight: Can't I's just cut/

King: No, juggling will do.

Trinculo: OK (he takes out juggling scarves).

King: I don't want to juggle those little things, I want to juggle something more exciting.

Trinculo: How do fire sticks sound?

King: That's more like it!

Trinculo: Well we'd better do it outside, I don't want to be blamed for burning the castle down... again. After you, your majesty.

King: (To Black Knight) Take a break, I'll take one of the other guards with me.

 (They exit)

Black Knight swipes a scarf from Trinculo's pocket as he leaves, then smirks and switches his vest to the skull emblem.

Black Knight: I'll show that silly clown. (He reaches into the Kings treasure chest and takes some jewels, leaving the scarf hanging out of the chest). (To audience) See's this (points to emblem on his chest) this be the Kings emblem, now sees this (takes another emblem from pocket) this be my own emblem (puts it on). What makes that king think he's so important anyway? Why should I serve him eh? I's gonna be my own king! Nows don't you go telling no one I's done this! (reaches into bag and takes out a handful of jewels) These jewels will fetch me a pretty penny... (seeing the Kings bell) and this might come in handy too! (He exits).

Trinculo (Running across stage) I'll get the Royal Fire Brigade your majesty... I'm sure the castle won't catch on fire like last time. (To audience) Boy would I be in trouble if the castle burnt down again! Eeek better get the fire brigade! (Runs off stage).

Scene 3 - in the Black Knights quarters.

Black Knight enters his quarters, sits drinking ale and eating a leg of chicken.

Black Knight: (To audience) I's hope you's haven't told no one 'bout the jewels I "borrowed" from the King! (Big swig of Ale) Got me all this beautiful grub with it... with a bit left over for a new sword! This little beauty is perfect for cutting things... like that puny Jesters head off! Hhmm I think I'll have some fun, where did I put that bell? Er it is, heh, heh, heh, watch this (he rings the bell).

Trinculo (From off stage) Coming my Lord! But where are you? (Black Knight rings bell again and laughs) I'm coming sire! But you're not in the throne room (bell rings again), where are you sire? (Bell rings again) I'm coming I'm following the sound of the bell, is this a game? (He stumbles out onto the stage and sees Black Knight) Oh it's you, where's the King? I though I heard his bell...

Black Knight What, you mean this?

Trinculo The Kings not here is he?

Black Knight Entertain me fool! Hows 'bout you make me's laugh for a change.

Trinculo I don't work for you, I am the Kings servant (goes to leave but is grabbed roughly by the Black Knight).

Black Knight I said makes me laugh!

Trinculo (with sudden change of heart) OK, sure... er is there anything in particular you'd like? A story? A joke? A trick? A dance? A song?

Black Knight Yeah a song! Something I's can sing along to too. I's got a beautiful voice.

Trinculo You? Ha, ha, ha... your voice is like a (Black Knight raises his sword) a, bird! (To audience) A Turkey!

Black Knight What be that?

Trinculo Nothing. Now a song... oh I have just the song its a song about a/

Black Knight Knight, I's wants a song about a Knight.

Trinculo Yes of course.

... the play continues...

(c) 1999 By Simon Beckham

Do not perform, copy or distribute without prior permission