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Adapted By Simon Beckham

"A faith affirming adaptation of the classic tale".

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Length: 60 Minutes
Cast: 20 most roles can be played by either male or female. A number of roles can easily be doubled for a smaller cast.
Genre: Children / Family Drama
Audience: Children and Family

About the Play: In this adaptation of Carol Lorenzini's classic tale "The Adventures of Pinocchio" we find all our favorite characters bought to life for the stage. The lonely Geppetto carves for himself a wooden son "Pinocchio" who mysteriously comes to life. Under the watchful eye of the Blue Angel Pinocchio embarks on adventures and mishaps. The moral of the story is beautifully summed up by the plays closing line..
Blue Angel: "Yes dreams do come true. Not by magic, nor by money, but by a pure heart that will give its life freely for another". The original production of this script was a huge success and we are excited to make it available now for other producers

This is an ideal play for a Christian High School or Church theatre group to produce. It is amongst our most popular Christian Plays.

About the Playwright: Simon Beckham is a writer with an ear for great dialog and comedy. His plays are a mix of outrageous comedy and strong dramatic themes and are always a big hit with audiences.

About Royalties: The price of the script includes a performance licence to a non paying audience and the right to make copies of the play for your cast. This represents great value for money!
If an audience is charged admission to the performance then a further royalty calculated at 10% of the gross box office sales is required to be paid. See our "Royalties" page for details on this..


Following are sample scenes from the play...

Sample Script - Pinocchio

(c) 2005 By Simon Beckham
Do not perform, copy or distribute without prior permission

Scene Two

At Geppetto's house.

Geppetto is asleep in his chair; Mastro Cherry enters with the log and knocks on the door. After several bouts of knocking Mastro Cherry gives up and turns away from the door. This happens just as Geppetto enters the doorway.

Geppetto: Why Mastro Cherry!

Mastro Cherry turns back to the door and unknowingly hits Geppetto with the end of the log. This knocks Geppetto to the floor.

Mastro Cherry: Good day Geppetto what are you doing down there?

Geppetto: Teaching the ants their ABC's.

Mastro Cherry: Well good luck to you my friend!

Geppetto: (Standing) What brings you here to my shop Mastro Cherry?

Mastro Cherry: Why my legs of course!

Geppetto: Of course. What can I do for you?

Mastro Cherry: You can accept this gift! (He hands the log to Geppetto).

Geppetto: A log of wood?

Mastro Cherry: A log of wood. For a Marionette!

Geppetto: How generous. It is a fine piece of wood. What do I owe you?

Mastro Cherry: One brass coin!

Geppetto: A brass coin? This is not worth a brass coin! Do I look like a fool? Here take your log and be off!

Mastro Cherry: What do you mean it's not worth a brass coin?

Geppetto: Simply that.

Mastro Cherry: Then what can you give me?

Geppetto: I have nothing but my thanks.

Mastro Cherry: Then I will take one of those.

Geppetto: (Bowing low) I thank you Mastro Cherry.

Voice of Pinocchio: And I will take another!

(Mastro Cherry reacts to the voice in fear).

Geppetto: (Bowing low) I thank you Mastro Cherry.

Voice of Pinocchio: And I will take another yet!

(Mastro Cherry reacts to the voice in fear).

Geppetto: (Bowing low) I thank you Mastro Cherry.

Voice of Pinocchio: And I will take another!

(Mastro Cherry reacts to the voice in fear).

Geppetto: That is quite enough!

Mastro Cherry: Indeed. And I thank you! (He exits hurriedly.) Goodbye voices! Goodbye madness!

Geppetto watches him leave and scratches his head.

Geppetto: Now let me take a look at you (He examines the log of wood). Hmmm... lets see what we can make of you. (Looking at audience) A Marionette of course! What else could I make!

(Geppetto sets about carving the wood. The lights fade in and out. We hear the sound of carving and woodworking in the blackout and at each "lights up" we see Pinocchio in a newer state of construction. Finally the Marionette is "finished" the actor is sitting on the work bench in the place of the "log").

Geppetto: (Mopping his brow). Finished! I shall call him Pinocchio! (He turns to the audience) I knew a family called Pinocchio once. They were a fine family. Handsome one-and-all and wealthy too!

(As he turns Pinocchio's hand reaches out and takes Geppetto's yellow wig off his head and puts it on his own).

Pinocchio: Hee hee hee.

(Geppetto turns and sees that his wig is on Pinocchio. He takes it back and puts it on his head).

Geppetto: How strange. (He Turns back to the audience) This family called "Pinocchio" why they...

Pinocchio repeats the trick on Geppetto.

Pinocchio: Hee hee hee.

Geppetto turns and grabs his wig back.

Geppetto: How strange indeed! (He Turns back to the audience) Now as I was saying...this family of Pinocchio why they...

Pinocchio repeats the trick on Geppetto. Geppetto catches him giggling.

Geppetto: Why you naughty little puppet. To take an old mans wig is a terrible thing. His bald head is his shame! (Geppetto takes his wig back).

As Geppetto is putting his wig on Pinocchio knocks an object off the bench to the floor.

Geppetto: You naughty puppet. You must care for our things. We have so little!

(He bends over to pick up the object and Pinocchio kicks him in the backside and knocks him onto the floor).

Pinocchio: Hee hee hee. Ha ha ha! Old yellow head fell on the floor!

Geppetto: Pinocchio! You are a wicked boy. I am your father! You are only just made and already you are cruel to your poor old papa! Very naughty! Very, very naughty.

Pinocchio replies by blowing a raspberry at Geppetto and laughing.

Geppetto: Wait a moment. You can move! You can talk! I have a little puppet boy!

Pinocchio: I am alive! (He blows another raspberry at Geppetto and laughs).

Geppetto: (Overjoyed and hugging Pinocchio) You're alive! What a wonderful thing! But can you walk? Let us see. (He helps Pinocchio to the floor and helps his stiff legs move). Oh you are a wonder! What joy for me in my old age!

Pinocchio at first staggers with stiff legs but soon enough he is able to move freely and he jumps around the room. He gets to the door, blows a raspberry and runs off.

Pinocchio: Goodbye papa!

Play continues....

Scene Nineteen

Geppettos workshop. Fox and Cat are sitting playing cards and drinking. Blue Angel and Cricket are watching from the side of the stage.

Cat: So this is a workshop?

Fox:Indeed. My workshop! Fancy that Geppetto leaving it to me!

They both laugh.

Cat:I think you should change the name. The word "Work" gives me the creeps!

Fox:Good thinking dear Cat. I shall call my "Playshop". How does that sound?

Cat:Very soothing.

Geppetto:(Enters struggling to carry Pinocchio's limp body, seeing Cat and Fox he is wild with rage). You! Go away! Get out of my house!

Fox and Cat:But you're dead!

Geppetto:No I am not, now get out of my house! (He puts Pinocchio down on a chair and chases the Fox and Cat out, beating them slap-stick style with a broom, he returns to Pinocchio, he is exhausted). Oh poor Pinocchio! My dear boy... a lifeless puppet like all the rest. I would give my life for yours! Any breath that I have left in this tired old body I would give to you so that you could live and I would die. (He puts his head in his hands and weeps and falls asleep on a chair).

Blue Angel:(Enters the workshop). Bravo Pinocchio. Your disobedient heart became kind and brave and you gave up your life saving your father. Your freely gave up your life and so you shall have it back. But no longer a puppet! You shall be a boy at last. (She removes Pinocchio's mask and kisses him on the forehead. She steps away to watch the following...).

Pinocchio:(Wakes up and notices that there is no mask on his face. He has become a real boy). Papa, Papa! Look, look!

Geppetto: (Waking up) What? Huh? Oh what is this, am I dreaming?

Pinocchio:No papa! I am a boy! A real boy!

Geppetto:Oh Pinocchio! Dreams do come true! (They hug together).

Blue Angel gestures for Towns people to bring in gifts

Towns Person 1:(Carrying a fine coat) Delivery for Geppetto.

Geppetto:It must be a mistake.

Towns Person 1: No the order was for Geppetto. And was paid in advance.


Towns Person 2:(Carrying tray of fine food) Delivery for Geppetto!

Geppetto:But I didn't order this...

Towns Person 2:Paid in advance!

Various townspeople and characters from the play arrive with gifts.

Pinocchio: Father we are poor no more! Dreams do come true!

Lights slowly fade to black leaving Blue Angel in a spot.

Blue Angel:Yes dreams do come true. Not by magic, nor by money, but by a pure heart that will give its life freely for another.

Light slowly fades.

(c) 2005 By Simon Beckham
Do not perform, copy or distribute without prior permission