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Royalties are easy with Christian Plays.

Is your audience charged an admission or ticket?

•If "no" then your performance does not have to be registered and there is no royalty fee to be paid. You don't have to do anything.

•If "yes" then your performance must be registered before your show goes onstage. And a royalty fee is to be paid after your show closes. (The royalty is 10% of your total ticket sales and must be paid within 14 days of your final performance). See below for more information.


 Two fast, easy steps...

(Remember this is only required if your audience is paying to see your performance).

  1. Complete the following Performance Application form before your show opens.
  2. When your show closes make your Royalty payment online. Click here.

Performance Registration Form

Please complete this form to register your production with ChristianPlays.Net
You only need to register your performance if you are performing to a "paying" audience.

Click Here to go to the form.